"What Is The Prop Stop?"

Today The Prop Stop is larger than ever and is patronized by a "Jambalaya" of people, both young and old alike.  The spacious new front deck has a double sided bar giving everyone a fantastic view of the river, the passing boats and the beautiful women in them.  Our delicious "Swamp Burger" which Robin Demars made famous in the early days of Prop Stop is still cooked on the barbeque pit and the aroma can be smelled for miles down the river.  We have added a variety of foods to our menu to satisfy everyone from Mom and the Kids, to grandma and grandpa.  Each weekend around 1:00 things get cranked up on the front deck with live entertainment featuring the popular bands of today.  Whether you want to relax and listen or shake a leg on our new dance floor, there is a little something for everyone.  

Of course, lots of people remember the Wet and Wild Contests tucked away on the back deck.  The "Double D" Water Balloon Contest is a favorite long standing tradition.  You can also grab a hula hoop and twist your way to a free Worm Bucket.  Our back deck is notorious for the ladies getting wild and crazy.  Plus check out our DJ every weekend mixing all of the latest hits inside.  

Here at The Prop Stop it's like you've been transported to a different world.  A world tucked away in the swamps, filled with beautiful cypress trees and even alligators.  So whether you want to kick back  and enjoy the breezes from the front deck while taking in the sights of the river or grab a delicious meal before heading back out on the water, The Prop Stop has something for everyone.    

Milton and Robin Demars

The Prop Stop began  as  dream of Milton Demars.  In the 1970's he had a vision.  Believe it or not he only wanted to meet beautiful women on the river and came up with the great idea of building a bathroom.  That bathroom grew over the years into what is known today as The Prop Stop!  Milton met and married Robin , the beautiful woman that he had been looking for.  Milton and Robin Demars were married and for a short time they even lived at The Prop Stop with their five boys after a house fire.  Having persevered several obstacles and hard times they continued to work and The Prop Stop became WORLD FAMOUS!  The entire family loved the river and Milton often said those were some of the happiest days of his life.  

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