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T-Shirt Design Contest!

The Prop Stop would like to announce it's first annual T-Shirt design contest!  We will choose the design we feel will best represent The Prop Stop Spirit.  Use your imagination and send either a sketch, painting, computer generated art, whatever you want to do.  The more of a complete T-Shirt design the better your artwork can also be a portion of a total design that would be incorporated among other graphics to form a complete T-Shirt Design.  The new T-Shirts will be printed and will be available in The Prop Stop's gift shop this year.  The winner will receive a $500 cash prize, $100 bar tab and along with their photo with the winning T-Shirt Design and newly created T-Shirt on our website page.  ** All entries into this contest will become the property of The Prop Stop.  By submitting artwork into this contest the contestant grants to The Prop Stop,  the complete right to incorporate the Artwork Material and to reproduce, broadcast or transmit the Artwork Material as part of T-Shirts, Web Design, or to promote the said works throughout the world, in all media in perpetuity.  Contestant furthermore agrees that by entering and submitting artwork into this contest that all of "The Rights" will become the property of The Prop Stop.  "The Rights" means the right in and to the artwork, including any trademarks, copyright protection, third party rights and any form of protection granted to the artwork and to be granted.  

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